Don’t stop now – you’re almost there…

Please continue on to the real blog:

Thank you for venturing this far into the world of masodo.
You probably arrived here via my linking Gravitar icon.

I have this WordPress account so that I might be involved with WordPress bloggers. Myself… I keep a GeekLog Blog at and would appreciate you giving it one more click to visit me there.

Thanks Again!


14 Responses to “Don’t stop now – you’re almost there…”

  1. sonmicloud Says:

    Intriguing, one blog leads to another, however said other blog shows me only a – ‘In the Dog House? You could be actively blocked’ – page. I did find it on my phone an hour or so ago when out sailing on the cloud though. Do you have another link or is it a fiendish test? – sonmicloud.

    • infinitelyremote Says:

      It’s that dadblastit blogdogit firewall again.

      That “dog house” page it is supposed to display your IP address – unfortunately I have had to block some rather large hunks of the globe to prevent some rather debilitating hacker attacks – I am sure I have set the firewall to filter too aggressively.

      If you would be so kind as to report the first three number groups in your IP address I would gladly open that section to you and 100,000 of your closest friends. (example: ###dot###dot###dot)

      I hate it when this happens and thank you for speaking up.

      If you don’t see an IP address on that “Dog House” page you can check

      Hope to see you there!

      • sonmicloud Says:

        Ah. Well. I’d rather not publicise my IP address so publicly. It’s not so much myself but the cloud that’s concerned. Everyone might jump aboard. Do you have anywhere I can send it to you that don’t mind making public?
        And you are most welcome, I understand entirely why you have such measures in place 🙂 sonmicloud.

      • infinitelyremote Says:

        Thank you! I will watch if you care to email me.

  2. sonmicloud Says:

    More hiccups, I can’t open an account it keeps saying;

    ‘Locked : form can’t be submited’

    Any ideas? – sonmicloud

  3. gpcox Says:

    I’m afraid i don’t find your other site exactly reader friendly, a bit difficult to participate with. Perhaps you could post more here on your wordpress site for us.

    • infinitelyremote Says:

      Hi gpcox,
      Thank you for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment, it is most appreciated.

      I understand your discomfort with BlogDogIt. While WordPress is a wonderful blogging system and represents the pinnacle of the social internet it does not do for me what the GeekLog system does in terms of code-play. Much of my enjoyment of blogging comes from actually tinkering around in the page scripts and the public facing side of the blog is mostly the byproduct of such exercises.

      Participation in that site is far easier for those who go through the registration process. As of now there are about 30 members of which only 5 qualify as being active. You are certainly welcome to join; but you are absolutely right it is nothing like WordPress. It exist so as to be a bit of an adventure for those looking for something out of the ordinary on the internet – I take pride in that fact.

      I have made many friends in the world of blogging and work to bring attention to many interesting bits of the internet as I find them. I am getting unbelievable traffic due to all the various content packed into that site and many find a benefit to joining the friends link exchange – I invite you to do this as well.

      I see your Gravatar icon on many sites in my travels which is what prompted my visits to your site. My father was a paratrooper with the 101st Airborne Division so your blog does hold a high degree of personal interest for me and I look forward to exploring more than just the surface of your particular collection and invite you to dive a little deeper into; I think you just might find some enjoyment in the exercise.

      Thanks again for the feedback – always great meeting new people!

      • gpcox Says:

        I appreciate your informative and pleasant reply, but at my age I think I’ll leave the learning extra and digging into unknown waters to you, the younger generation.
        At my site, we welcome hearing the stories of relatives and friends who served and if at some time you want something to do – stop on over and tell us about your father; the 101st was an excellent outfit!!

    • infinitelyremote Says:

      Thank you for the come-back – and thank you for your service to our great country. I will keep your blog in mind and try to get by from time to time.
      Younger generation? I suppose I am… sounds good… now if I can just keep those young whipper-snappers of the front lawn I’d be feeling right as rain.
      All the best to you, kind sir!

  4. Janice Wald Says:

    Hi! Thanks for visiting my site. I’m glad you liked my post “Blog Growth Hack…” Nice to meet you.

  5. beebeesworld Says:

    Thank you for reading my blog. U would like to see more of yours, beebee

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